In memory of Annie

We are helping move animals out of shelters and into real homes.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) charity - all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Dr. Joel M. Woolfson Compassion Fund

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Annie was a rescue dog who fed my soul in so many ways.   She is no different than the thousands of dogs being killed in shelters every day; she just got lucky.   I want to give shelter dogs a chance to give and get the love that Annie was able to experience all of her days with me.

Annie's Rescue Ride

Annie's Rescue Ride was created in her memory so that others may experience the same love and devotion that I received from her.   We are a registered tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit charity.   Our immediate plan is to offer transportation for the small dogs to no kill shelters and rescues in other states.   In Phoenix, the same dogs that are highly sought after in other locations linger in foster homes for years in Phoenix or get sent to our county shelter where conditions are stressful and euthanasia is a possibility. If we had the ability to transport these dogs to other states just imagine the lives that could be saved.   Join us on our Facebook page.


How you can help

Our goal right away is to secure funding and resources to make this happen.   You can help us by contacting Sue and discussing ways to help make this a reality.

Who is Sue?

I have loved and respected animals for as long as I can remember.   I think it started in the womb.   My mother always had compassion for animals, especially those in need.   My earliest memory of one of her rescues was watching her run along the shoreline trying to capture an injured seagull.   My first job was working at the world renowned Boston’s Angell Memorial Animal Hospital where I worked for 14 years as a veterinary technician.   During my years at Angell, I was named Employee of the Year and I was one of the first technicians in the state to pass the Veterinary Technician boards. Since my years at Angell, I have worked as an animal adoption counselor, and ran the spay clinic at Tufts Veterinary School in Grafton, MA.   When I wasn’t busy being a veterinary technician, I entered the world of animal welfare legislation where I authored and got passed the first bill in the state of MA to ban exotic animals from traveling zoos and circuses.   I am also a published journalist who specializes in animal welfare topics.

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